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Add MindThisPage button to your site!

As a WebMaster, you are responsible for improving convenience and saving time for the users who visit your web site. It is possible for you to facilitate automatic notification to your users whenever you make updates to your web pages.
For instance, you can provide the following "MindThisPage" button in each of your pages where content of potential user interest can change periodically.

Alert me when this page changes

Once the button is available on your web page, user has to just type in the email id and click on the button. A minder gets created in InfoMinder and user will be sent an email alert everytime the page is changed.

This keeps your visitors actively interested in your site and brings them back to your site more often.

You can try this on your web site; it is FREE for limited time!

This is all what you need to do:

  • Decide which one of the following buttons you want to include - depending on aesthetic and space considerations of the target page
  • Click on the corresponding link to get the appropriate HTML snippet to be included within the source code of your page
  • Follow the instructions for pasting the HTML snippet
Alert me when this page changes

Get HTML Code
Get HTML Code

Note that when user clicks on the button that gets placed on your page, browser will open a new window for any further interaction. However, on completion of the interaction, user will be placed back in the same web page from where the MindThisPage button was clicked.